Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Florida State Seminar was on August 15th, 2009. We went to Northshore Park and cleaned up trash around the park. We had to be careful of the algae in the water because if it touches your skin then you get a rash. We picked up a lot of trash! After that we went to Friendship Park and ate a bag lunch. Then we were able to learn about Jacksonville history at the Jacksonville Maritime Museum and the Jacksonville Historical Society Museum. At 2:00 we went on the River Taxi and went a two hour tour of the St. Johns river. We got to test the water and hear all about the St. Johns River! A little later that evening, we went to the Senior State President's house for an enjoyable dinner.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Northeast Packet Meeting

The Northeast Florida packet meeting was held on Saturday, August 15th. It was lead by Princess Malee's own Abaca Dowling who is 2009-10 state president. 13 members and 1 guest of Princess Malee attended along with 3 from the Captain John Carroll Houston society. Skits were enjoyed to learn about the various committees and the most enthusiastic member was chosen. A video pertaining to the state president's project, Protecting Florida's Waterways, was enjoyed. A pizza lunch was then enjoyed by all before the rain moved in. The water activites had to be cancelled due to the recent algae bloom on the river but that gave even more reason to support our state president's project!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

History of name

Princess Malee Society is located in Jacksonville, FL and was organized by the Jacksonville Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution on May 23, 1931. Our society is named after Millie Francis, who was the daughter of the Creek Prophet Josiah Francis, the leader of his nation's bloody war against the whites in 1813-1814. At the age of 15, she was credited with saving the life of an American Soldier, Duncan McKrimmon.

Indians were the allies of the English King who promised them riches and honors if they would help him crush the young American Republic.

Because they fought so aggressively during the Revolutionary War, Prophet Francis was sent to England to receive the thanks of the King. He was given honors and rich presents and a chest of gowns and jewelry to take to his daughter Millie when he returned two years later.

Millie was overjoyed at her father's return but saddened when his fierce braves took to the warpath again and laid waste to the unprotected settlements on the Georgia frontier.

General Andrew Jackson was sent by the Washington Government to build Fort Gadsden on the Apalachicola River and to wage ar on the Seminoles. During the First Seminole War of 1817-1818, an American Soldier named Duncan McDrimmon was captured by the Indians on the Apalachicola River. They planned to execute him, but Millie (in Pocahontas fashion) begged for his life. McKrimmon was saved due to her efforts. He later returned to the area and offered to marry her as a show of gratitude, but Millie responded that she had saved him out of humanity and declined his offer. Millie Francis eventually married a Native American man after returning to the Creek Nation.

The attempt to remove the Seminoles from Florida in the 1830s began the Second Seminole War that started out as a disaster for the United States, who during the first year of the war saw no clear victories. In September 1836, 759 Creeks were recruited by the United States Army to become Indian scouts and mediators against the Seminoles in an attempt to end the war in Florida. The government promised the Creek people payment for their services. The removal was taking a high toll on the Creek people, and many did not have enough money or food provisions to make the journey out west. If they received payment for joining the regiment, it would ensure that their families would better survive the journey west.

Of the Creek volunteers who went to Florida to help the United States in their war against the Seminoles, 110 died, mostly from disease and sickness. One of the casualties was the husband of Millie Francis.

Millie and the remnants of her tribe were sent west on the "Trail of Tears" and were resettled on a reservation in Oklahoma. Three years later General Hitchcock found the aging princess and reported her condition to the authorities in Washington. Congress responded and awarded Millie a pension. Also, in appreciation of her heroic deed in saving the life of an American soldier, she was given a Medal of Honor. She was the first American woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. There is a marker in her memory at Fort Gadsden on the Apalachicola River, a monument in St. Marks and another monument in Oklahoma near the site of her grave.

Pictured below are monuments dedicated in honor of the memory of Millie Francis.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

May Meeting and Installation

We will be gathering at the World of Nations on Saturday, May 2nd for our final meeting of the year. We will help hand out items to the new citizens with the Kan Yuk sa DAR chapter after the naturalization ceremony. We will then have the installation of our new officers. Please contact for more information.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

State board meeting and British Night Watch

Florida State President with Princess Malee
Society President and Senior Society President.

Many of the members and seniors of the Princess Malee society were able to come to the Florida State Board meeting in St. Augustine, Florida on Saturday, December 6th. Many of those members were also able to stay to march in the British Night Watch which occurred that night. At the board meeting, there was a guest speaker who spoke about the history of Florida's transportation. It was very interesting. That night, the members dressed up in their colonial costumes and joined others who were also dressed in costumes, and marched around St. Augustine. Afterwards, they stopped at the White Lion for hot chocolate and other sweets. Everyone had a lot of fun!

Florida State Senior President announcing upcoming events.

Southeastern Regional

On the 29th and 30th of July, some members and seniors of the Princess Malee society helped host and attended the Southeastern Regional in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The members enjoyed seeing the skits that the National Officers did to promote the National President's project . The members also enjoyed going to St. Augustine by bus and riding the tour trains where they learned about many interesting historical sites. A banquet and dance were enjoyed the second evening.

All the National Officers
Singing the C.A.R song

All the members of the Florida State Society

The State Society President

The National Society President and Southeastern Regional President